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What Type of Health Insurance Should a College Student Have?

College students have plenty to think about and plan for, but they may not consider health insurance on top of their studies. However, going to school presents a key level of risk. You may be living with people you don’t really know, sharing smaller spaces and being exposed to a higher number of viruses and bacteria among classes. The risk of getting sick is higher than it is for some others. More so, college students are often risk takers, which can lead to both illness and a higher risk of injury. For all of these reasons, college students shouldn’t skip health insurance. 

What Type of Health Insurance Should a College Student Have? - Garrett Insurance

What are your options? 

Generally, college students have several options for choosing plans. You can and should compare your needs carefully with an independent insurance agent to determine the best overall product for your needs.  

Are you still on your parent’s plan?  

In many situations, students can remain on their parents’ health insurance plans until age 26. This may differ from plan to plan. If available, this tends to be the best cost solution for the student. Keep in mind, you might need to meet specific qualifications in this area. 

Can you purchase coverage through the college?  

Some colleges offer basic health care policies and options available to students. This can be an option, but be careful when considering these policies. They can be very limiting overall. It may be best to consult with your insurance agent to ensure you’re getting enough coverage. 

Should you purchase a third-party plan?  

Another option is to purchase your own health insurance plan. Like anyone else, college students can choose health insurance plans on their own. This may be the best option for students who want ample protection and access to plans that meet all of their needs. 

Which solution is right for you?  

It’s a mistake to think that you are young and invincible, a common mistake many young people make when considering what to invest in. Yet, if you are involved in sports, living in a dorm room, attending college classes, sharing desks and tables and participating in other activities, your risks are high enough to justify a solid health care plan. 

College students should take the time to consider all of their options carefully before investing in any health insurance plan. Determine which one offers the flexibility that you need. 

Find the best solution for your healthcare needs. Call Garrett Insurance Agency, Inc. at 830-896-6600 for more information on health insurance. 

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