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Recreational vehicles are a great investment that can allow you to make memories, have spectacular adventures, and spend time in the great outdoors. At Garrett Insurance, we help our clients protect their investments with the right RV insurance coverage.

Boat Insurance

There are two main parts to boat insurance: compensation for damage to the watercraft itself and liability coverage for injuries or property damage caused by you while on your boat.

Boat insurance can also include coverage for:

  • Personal property on your boat
  • Equipment
  • Boat accessories

These policies are highly customizable to meet the needs of your specific watercraft and budget.

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ATV insurance

ATV Insurance

ATV insurance offers liability coverage protection from the costs of accidents involving your ATV. It can also compensate you for theft and reimburse you for medical expenses and repairs to your ATV after an accident.

You can also get optional coverage for accessories, custom equipment, or passengers.

Motorcycle Insurance

A motorcycle insurance policy typically covers damage to another person’s property or the cost of medical expenses for injuries if there’s an accident where you’re at fault.

You can also get coverage for your motorcycle to protect you after a theft, weather-related damage, or a fire.

In addition, you can include collision coverage in your motorcycle policy, which will pay for repairs to your motorcycle or a replacement if you hit an object or another vehicle.

motorcycle insurance
motorhome insurance

Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome insurance protects your recreational vehicle from the financial consequences of common risks like storms, collisions, and theft.

The coverage options available for motorhome insurance include:

  • Bodily injury to another person or their property that you cause while operating your motorhome
  • Bodily injury to yourself due to an accident with another motor vehicle
  • Damage to your motorhome from weather-related events or other accidents
  • Damage due to theft, vandalism, or fire
  • Emergency road services if your motorhome breaks down while traveling

Some of this coverage even applies to your motorhome while in storage.

Snowmobile Insurance

Like the other types of recreational vehicle insurance, snowmobile insurance coverage offers liability coverage and protection for your personal property.

snowmobile insurance

RV Insurance

While owning a recreational vehicle is a rewarding experience, you want to make sure your finances are protected as much as possible. Work with an experienced agent to determine the best coverage available for you and your vehicle. Contact Garrett Insurance today for recreational vehicle insurance.



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