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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance in Kerrville TX & Fredericksburg TX

Group and Individual Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance can help you cover medical fees and provide you with a network of doctors, often at lower rates than practitioners outside your network. Without health insurance, you risk facing significant medical bills if you were to become ill or have an accident. KAI Garrett Insurance Agency LLC is here to help those in and around Russell, Kansas, get the health insurance solutions they need.  

How to Get Health Insurance 

You may choose to get health insurance through your employer, but you don’t have to participate in their health plan. If your employer doesn’t offer health coverage or you want your own insurance, you may wish to obtain an individual health insurance policy. By doing so, your health insurance isn’t connected to your job or a group of policyholders.  

There are various ways to get individual health insurance. A few ways include joining someone else’s plan, obtaining through an insurance company, using Medicaid or another state program (if eligible) or purchasing a Marketplace plan through an approved provider in your state. 

Our team at KAI Garrett Insurance Agency can help you review your insurance options so you can make an informed health care coverage decision. 

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With so many health plans available, you need a guide to help you choose a plan that best meets your health care needs—and budget. KAI Garrett Insurance Agency can help you evaluate your choices to select a health insurance plan that meets your health care needs.  


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