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3 Easy DIY Home Repairs You Can Do at Home

3 Easy DIY Home Repairs You Can Do at Home - Garrett Insurance

Hiring a professional for every instance of damage in your home can be incredibly expensive. While there are some instances where you must hire a professional to take care of an important part of your home, there are a few easy repairs you can make yourself to save both time and money, as well as preventing you from having to file a home insurance claim. 

1. Leaking faucet: Deteriorated washers are the leading cause of faucet leaks. To replace the washer, you must first shut off the water to the faucet using the nearby valve. Then you can begin disassembling the faucet. Unscrew and remove the handle, remove the packing nut and unscrew and remove the valve stem. Remove the screw holding the washer in place and drop a dab of penetrating oil onto the washer for easy removal. Bring the washer to a hardware store for a replacement. Drop in the new washer and reassemble the faucet. 

2. Running toilet: A failed flapper is the leading cause of a running toilet. Buy a new flapper and read the installation instructions before getting started. Remove the old flapper from the tank and clean away any buildup around the area to ensure that the new flapper will be able to seal properly. Then go ahead and install the new flapper. For more persistent issues, call a licensed plumber. 

3. Squeaking door: A lack of lubrication is the leading cause of squeaky hinges. Grab a can of WD-40 and spray it over the whole surface of the hinge. Use a paper towel to work the lubricant into the seams. Another option is to use petroleum jelly in the same fashion, which may even be less messy. 

As a homeowner it is important for you to keep your home safe and updated for safety. If there is anything in your home that could potentially cause damage, such as a leaking faucet causing water damage or flooding, it is important that it is fixed immediately. If you are having trouble fixing something in your home, call a professional. Keep in mind that home insurance typically doesn’t cover damage caused by negligence. So if you fail to identify and fix a problem before damage occurs, you may be denied compensation if you attempt to file a home insurance claim. 

Do what you can to protect your home and seek advice whenever you need it. 

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