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Will Home Insurance Cover Mold?

Mold can be one of the more expensive types of damage to address in your home. Because different types of fungi can live in your walls or under the floorboards for a while before ever showing physical evidence of being on the property, it can be difficult to exterminate it all once you finally know about the problem. So, the question becomes, does home insurance cover mold? We’ll look at how policies work. 

Will Home Insurance Cover Mold? - home insurance - Garrett Insurance

Home Insurance and Mold 

The short answer is that most home insurance policies won’t cover mold. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but it’s largely because mold is classified as more of a home maintenance issue than a natural disaster problem. 

Some types of mold are ultimately harmless to people (and some are actually helpful)! But others can be deadly in large quantities. It’s important for homeowners to pay attention to any air quality issues. If people are sneezing or showing symptoms of compromised breathing, it may be a sign that mold is growing on the property. 

The Exception to the Rule 

Home insurance may pay for mold if it stems from a covered event. So, if a window breaks in your basement, water flows in, and it inspires a colony of mold to grow, then you can potentially file for a claim. However, you’ll need to identify the mold quickly after the event occurs if you want your policy to pay for the damage. If the fungus has a chance to proliferate before you catch it, your requests will likely be denied. 

Tips for Mold Removal 

The best thing to do if you suspect mold is to thoroughly inspect the grounds for the source. Even if mold is hidden somewhere far from sight, there may be some signs in the form of a stain on the wall or an unexplained damp part of the floor. You may need to have your home professionally tested if you still can’t find the source. This may be an extra expense, but ultimately less than having to completely rid the home of an overgrowth. 

Home insurance policies can be a complex matter to understand, especially if you believe your situation falls into the exception to the rule. Talking to an expert about how exactly your coverage works can make it easier to plan ahead. 

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