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Prepare Your Home Before You Travel

Prepare Your Home Before You Travel - home insurance - Garrett Insurance

Many families take a vacation over the winter months. Some head to warmer climates to get a break from the cold and snow, while others head toward the snow for skiing and snowmobiling. No matter where your vacation destination is this winter, you will want to prepare your home before you leave. Consider the following tips.

Prevent a Break In

Make sure your home doesn’t look vacant while you are away. If it is obvious that you’re on vacation, your home could be a target for a burglar. Make sure your mail and newspapers don’t pile up. Either cancel the paper and put a hold on the mail or ask a friend or neighbor to bring the paper and mail in daily for you.

Consider putting your lights, radio or television on a timer. A dark home is often a target. By using a timer, it will appear that someone is home even while you are away.

If you will be away during the winter while snow is in the forecast, consider hiring someone to keep your driveway clear. A driveway piled high with snow is a sign that no one is coming and going. At minimum, ask a neighbor to drive in and out of your driveway each day so you have tire tracks in the snow. 

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Although it makes sense to turn down your thermostat while you are away, do not turn the heat off. If your house becomes too cold, your pipes could freeze and burst, causing significant water damage. Set your thermostat no lower than 62 degrees. Open your vanity doors to allow the warm air to travel to the pipes. It might also be a good idea to turn the water off by closing the water valves to the sink, dishwasher and laundry room.

Prevent a Fire

Before you depart, verify that electronics and appliances are turned off. For example, do a final walk through to verify that the stove and oven are off. Consider unplugging non-essential appliances, which will offer the added benefit of saving electricity. 

Remembering the above tips will help prevent an issue at home while you are away enjoying your vacation. You don’t want to come home and find a major issue that you will need to deal with. Rather, you want to return from your vacation relaxed and rested to find your home in the same condition you left it in.

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