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Did You Know?  An error on your auto insurance application can end up costing you more money. Providing false information on your application can lead to increased premiums, policy cancellations or limited financial assistance in the event of an accident.     READ MORE >>

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Once animals begin coming out of hibernation during the spring, your risk of hitting one with your car goes up. Therefore, if you were to hit a deer when out on the road, your vehicle might sustain significant damage, and you might cause harm to other drivers and their vehicles, too. READ MORE >>

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Along with the expense of owning a car, you also need to plan for annual car insurance premiums. These can increase little by little, until you're paying what seems like a high amount. Here are a few practical and easy ways that can help lower your auto insurance premiums.     1. READ MORE >>

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Accidents happen and it is not rare for someone to accidentally miss a car insurance payment throughout their driving experience. Unfortunately, you could face repercussions if you continuously miss car insurance premiums—including your coverage being dropped completely.   READ MORE >>

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