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As a financial services firm, customers trust you with their hard-earned money. Whether you provide checking or savings accounts, wealth management services, loans, or cash and wire transfers, your financial services firm may be exposed to risks you’ve never considered before.  

KAI Garrett Insurance Agency, LLC, is committed to providing every client with quality insurance benefits, and we’re experts in optimizing policies to the advantage of every consumer. We serve Russell, Kansas, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to get started.  

What Coverage Do Financial Services Firms Need? 

To accomplish this task, financial services firms need to obtain a wide variety of commercial insurance options. Among the critical benefits you are likely to need for your business are:  

  • Commercial property insurance—If something damages physical property—such as your building or possessions—this coverage can help you repair or replace them. 
  • General liability insurance—This helps cover your business in the event it causes property damage or bodily injuries to another party, like a client or vendor. 
  • Cyber liability insurance—This coverage may help you get control of a situation (e.g., a data breach or a ransomware attack) when your firm’s private data might become compromised. This coverage can help you protect yourself and your customers.
  • Business interruption insurance— This coverage helps you pay the bills if you must temporarily close after a damaging accident. 
  • Workers’ compensation insurance—If an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness, this insurance can help pay for medical expenses and provide wage replacement benefits.
  • Errors and omissions insurance—Professional advice or mistakes could cause clients a financial loss; this coverage can compensate them on behalf of the business. 
  • Employee dishonesty coverage—Should one of your employees steal from the business, this coverage can help you recover your losses. 
  • Commercial crime insurance—Crime insurance policies can provide protection from losses following a business-related crime. Covered events typically include burglary, forgery, fraud, extortion, employee dishonesty and the theft, destruction or damage of money, securities or other property. These policies can provide coverage both at your place of business and while you or your employees are conducting business off-site. 

There may be other policies available designed to protect you against specific risks and liabilities. Speak to your agent to learn more about these benefits.  

How Much Will My Financial Services Insurance Benefits Cost?  

All plans will have different costs based on the coverage you choose and the risk factors that the insurer assumes by covering you.  

How To Get Financial Services Insurance 

We understand that you might have concerns about the burden that your benefits will have on your overhead costs, and we are committed to working with you to get you the coverage you need at the best value.