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Auto Insurance in Phillipsburg, Kansas

Owning and operating a motor vehicle includes many inherent risks and exposures. Whenever you get behind the wheel, you must consider your safety and that of others on the road. However, even the safest and most responsible drivers may not always be able to avoid accidents or other hazards. Fortunately, a robust auto insurance policy can provide crucial financial assistance after a covered incident.

At KAI Garrett Insurance Agency, an integral part of our mission is helping motorists in the Phillipsburg area understand their auto insurance needs and acquire optimal coverage.

How Does Auto Insurance Work?

As its name may suggest, auto insurance provides financial protection for the owners and operators of automobiles. Without adequate coverage, you may have to pay out of pocket for losses and damages arising from incidents involving vehicles. Having an adequate policy and maintaining coverage through regular premium payments may give you access to financial resources following an accident.

In most cases, an adequate auto insurance policy should include a combination of the following coverages:

·        Liability coverage—If you are at fault for an accident, your insurance may help pay for other parties’ losses and damages, including the following:

o   Medical expenses

o   Rehabilitation

o   Lost income

o   Funeral costs

o   Repairing or replacing damaged property

·        Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage—Regardless of who was at fault, if you or your passengers are injured in an accident, your policy can help pay for resulting losses and expenses, including the following:

o   Medical expenses

o   Rehabilitation

o   Lost income

o   Funeral expenses

o   In-home assistance

·        Collision coverage—If your vehicle is damaged in an accident involving another vehicle or a stationary object, such as a building, fence or signpost, this coverage can provide financial assistance for repairs.

·        Comprehensive coverage—If your vehicle sustains damage from an incident not included in collision coverage, including fires, severe weather events, criminal activity, falling objects or striking an animal, this coverage can help pay for your losses.

·        Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage—If another party is responsible for an incident but lacks sufficient insurance to pay for your damages, this coverage can make up the difference and ensure you receive the resources you need.

How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need?

Before getting behind the wheel, you must ensure you are not already breaking the law. Kansas state law mandates specific auto insurance requirements. While you can fulfill your legal obligation by meeting the aforementioned requirements, you may want higher coverage limits. Minimal coverage may not provide the resources necessary to pay for an accident, and you will have to make up for your policy’s deficiency out of pocket.

Get the Right Coverage

Although auto insurance may be one of the most common types of insurance for people across the United States, you should ensure that your current plan provides adequate protection. Contact the agents at KAI Garrett Insurance Agency today to speak with an expert about your auto insurance needs.